Alec shriners annoying

That's right, Alec knows his stuff. And that's remarkable, considering everything else going on in the year-old's life. Alec has osteogenesis imperfecta, a genetic disorder that has caused more than 70 broken bones in his body.

The high school freshman gets around in a wheelchair, and has undergone years of surgeries and physical therapy. But that doesn't slow him down. He also works as a patient ambassador for Shriners Hospitals. They bring me up when I'm down and have been there for me from the beginning. I just want to help them help other kids.

alec shriners annoying

He has such a phenomenal personality. Alec's goal is to work as a sportscaster, and he's off to a fast start. His favorite classes are world history and algebra, and he's been known to play a mean game of wheelchair basketball.

But I just go through life with the concept that I'm going to live life happy. And that's what I do. Sign up! Jeff Hartsell is a two-time S.

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alec shriners annoying

Post Reply. There are two of these that I've seen. Each shows a person with a disability sustained in an accident, and "goes back through time" in reverse motion so that we get to relive scenes from the accident.

While not explicit, the implied scenarios are bad enough.

Meet Alec, Shriners Hospitals for Children national spokesperson

I don't really hate these. Better to have to watch such a commercial than to have to be one of these kids. But they're pretty depressing. On the other hand You family means nothing to you, education is worthless, friends are pointless, a job, bettering yourself, enhancing your life and the lives of others Teens are dramatic. Anything at some given moment can be of paramount importance to them. The lawnmower accident seems a little graphic. I assume he got his leg caught under the mower deck.

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New Posts. Members Profile. Post Reply. I'm at the library which I may vow to return to when Cleveland wins a Championship I saw this commercial that I can't take-out of my brain I feel bad for him in a way, but I think this is the one Thank God for kids who love Obscure Things.

Lee Hazelwood The kids' optimism is impressive With their problems, they'll never lead a normal life. I always feel bad for them. I like Alec I know it sounds heartless to say this, but the others sort of gross me out. Don't get me wrong, I feel sorry for them and wish them all the best in life, but visually it's a bit like looking at abused animals or starving kids covered in flies.

Playing on others' pity ain't gonna cure or solve anything. I looked up the other day at the TV to a new one with a young girl with a freakish looking tiny right hand like the character Kristen Wiig used to play on SNL.

Sorry, not trying to sound like a jerk towards these poor kids, but you all know what I mean. I don't need to see them trotted out every fifteen minutes begging for my pity.If your child has an upcoming appointment, please contact your local Shriners Hospitals for Children location. You may recognize year-old Alec from the various commercials for Shriners Hospitals for Children that have aired nationally.

Alec, a patient of Shriners Hospitals for Children — Chicago, has become a popular television star, been interviewed on numerous national news and talk shows, and has captured the hearts of many with his adorable smile and charming personality.

Alec lives in the suburbs of Chicago, and is quite the active teenager. From playing wheelchair softball and basketball, to assistant coaching tee-ball, he loves just about any sport.

Inspiring teen is face of Shriners Hospital

OI is a genetic bone disorder characterized by fragile bones that can frequently and easily break, which can make it hard for Alec to participate in sports.

The underlying cause of OI is a lack of collagen — or abnormal collagen — in the bones that prevents them from absorbing appropriate minerals and developing correctly. Alec has been going to the Chicago Shriners Hospital for treatment since Since then, he has made great progress thanks to receiving customized treatment from our rehabilitation specialists. Alec receives intravenous IV infusions of pamidronate, a medication that slows down the process of bone resorption and improves bone mass.

He also routinely visits the hospital for physical therapy, and has had several surgeries. Thanks to the outstanding care and innovative treatment Alec receives at the Chicago Shriners Hospital, his muscles are strengthening and his bones are breaking less often.

This provides Alec with more opportunities to indulge in his passion for sports. Knowing that Alec hopes to be a sports broadcaster someday, the hospital staff has done what it can to encourage faith in that dream. During the NFL Draft weeks inandpatients of Shriners Hospitals for Children had the chance to experience the excitement of the draft first-hand when players visited during a Prospect Community Visit.

He was also on national championship teams for the National Wheelchair Junior Basketball Championships inand the National Wheelchair Junior Softball Championships in and He has also been an honored speaker at many events for both the health care system and fraternity, Shriners International.

Over the years, Alec has been a tremendous voice for Shriners Hospitals for Children, and has appeared in numerous national commercials, representing the many patients whose lives have been changed forever by the health care system. He has also been a featured guest on many television shows, sharing his appreciation everywhere he goes. I live a full life because of Shriners Hospitals. Alec is just one of many children who have benefited from the hope and healing found at Shriners Hospitals for Children.

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Some features on this site require a subscription. The one about opioid induced They say it like there's been some big taboo about using the word. I really want them to use Elvis for the opioid induced constipation commercial. It could be amazing.

NO WAY this cheesy product protects computers the way they say it does. And their chief spokesperson dresses like a bum runs all his words together and exudes absolutely NO credibility. Neither does the legion of 'tech' people whose faces pop up to chime in on what a great, powerful, protective product it is. The inventor guy looks like he sat in his garage and strung together something made out of aluminum foil and a used JiffyPop and packaged it up as some kind of cyber security.

It's maddening. The commercial, production-wise, is on a par with Popeil's Pocket Fisherman.

Just please fall off a cliff, honey. The anti-tobacco ad, with the retarded kids who can't tell the difference between tobacco products and candy. Republican celebrities trying to convince us that reverse mortgage is not a rip-off that puts capital and property back in the hands of the powerful.

In general, all the fucking patent prescription drugs that Big Pharma pitches incessantly to Baby Boomers. Dude, if I use your app to sell my shit, I don't want to make friends with the people who buy it. I'm with R That is pure shit all around, the jingle has found itself stuck in my head on many occasions much to my furythe moms are intermittently lip-syncing along to said jingle some do, some don'tthe kids alternate between exchanging glances and thinking mom is nuts, to dancing around their living rooms with glee and excitement Inconsistent, intelligence-bashing SHIT.

And way too earnest--no way was this thought up as some send-up of an 80s advert. I will also add that commercial for I don't know what that has two ladies in the driver's and passenger's seat dressed in green, I think, pretending to "rap. The washing machine ad with the father running with the toddler to the bathroom muttering 'don't poop, don't poop, don't poop' - it's completely vile.

The ones with the box you mail your shit in to a lab for colon cancer screening. Making it square doesn't confuse anyone, and I feel sorry for the UPS man, who undoubtedly knows what's in the box.I appreciate you putting Hooty's post back! Jackhound Momplease disregard some of the rude comments on here, most of us are just discussing our viewpoints about the "advertisements" not the organizations!!!

I love dogs, but it breaks my heart to see the ad by ASPA of those poor dogs shaking and basically dying from the cold or no food, I have to turn the channel. I give to my local Humane Shelter.

I am in total agreement! Jackhound Mom : Thank you for your kind words.

Shriner's Hospital, reliving the accident

I understand and agree with your opinion on the commercials. We have purchased a lot of old tv series and movies and try not to watch regular tv. Love your dog. Both of these hospitals help children that are poor and cannot afford healthcare they need. If the commercials are bothersome, change the channel but they have to reach out for donations. If it were your child that needed help you would feel differently. She would love you too. We "cut the cord" a few months ago and also watch so many old TV shows completly ad free so I guess I'm getting spoiled.

The one I posted about is on every break when we watch Frasier. I had no idea as another poster stated that certian groups can do ads for free. It looks like we both joined in I used to be a regular on a couple of threads and then took a few years off. Same hurdles different year. I hope to see you again and have fun. Alec has osteogenesis imperfecta and has had over 70 broken bones.I hate that commercial.

Mainly because i Hate kids and find that main retard kid creepy! Who else hates that commercial?? What irks me the most is how All the classic TV stations think all viewers are over 90, need diapers, prescription meds with 10, side effects, walk-in tubs and a Medic Alert System.

Kids who have genetic disorders need help ye, but putting speech impaired kids or smarmy, so-called plucky survivors isn't going to get me to open my wallet! At least it doesn't have the creepy guy that's on Suddenlnk cable commercials. He's like a young perverted Mr.

It's down right creepy when he says: well hey, let's make some popcorn No I think its adorable and it takes courage for those children to come out ahead and Shriners give them that chance. Next time it comes on do yourself a favor and turn the channel.

Actually I'm amazed at how smooth the kids deliver their lines. I know some adults that can't deliver a message that well.

alec shriners annoying

I can deal with all the deformed-limb kids, and the no-arm kids, and even the entire-body-held-together-with-a-plastic-brace kid. I hate that commercial too!

Those kids are creepy and shouldn't be treated well. I'd never donate to them. I hope they all die. You are an idiot. Democrats want to euthanize these kids. Trending News. John Lewis, a civil rights icon, dead at CDC singles out 3 critical coronavirus symptoms. Ex-'Ellen' staffers: Show has 'toxic work environment'. Lunch outing ended up infecting NFL star's family. Club of GOP political heirs push back at Trump. Fox News host praised for correcting Trump over tweet. White House doc shows 18 states in virus 'red zone'.

NBA star looks dramatically slimmer at Disney World. Fox News host fact-checks Trump during interview. Answer Save. KTR Lv 7. Favorite Answer. Hossain 3 months ago Report. Valinda Lv 6. Kitty 2 Lv 7.

See Alec on WGN Morning News Feb 12, 2020

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